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A Film by Michal Bat Adam (Israel, 2009, 89 Minutes, Color, DVD, Hebrew, English Subtitles)

A struggling young actress lands the leading role in a theater production. She is to play the part of a girl who undergoes a traumatic experience and is committed to a mental hospital. The actress, seeking to research her character in depth, spends some time observing in a psychiatric ward. As a result she brings to the role aspects that don't jibe with the director's take on the part - creating conflict between herself and the director. 
By the evening of the play's premiere, the actress is walking a thin line between acting and madness.


 The Boston Jewish Film Festival - opening film
 Houston International Film Festival

 Israel Film Festival - Los Angeles
 The Israeli Film Festival in Hong Kong
 East Bay JFF (Contra Costa JFF)
 Calgary JFF
 Palm Beach JFF 
 Atlanta JFF
 Denver JFF
 Maine JFF 
 Austin JFF
 Zagreb JFF
 St. Louis JFF





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